About the Book

Feed Your People is a modern community cookbook. Despite the popularity of dinner clubs, pop-up dinners, and general holiday entertaining, there are surprisingly few cookbooks/resources that offer practical instruction on cooking for crowds. To that end, we are approaching our community of big-hearted cooks and chefs—experts who cook for a their communities whose generosity in inspires. Stories of their gatherings will be accompanied by recipes with detailed  information on equipment, make ahead strategies and tips cooking for groups from eight or to forty (and even fifty!)

On a deeper level, the book is about building and feeding community, and, fittingly, it will be co-authored by 18 Reasons–a beloved San Francisco-based organization that provides classes to low-income residents and hosts monthly community dinners. We’d love for this book to inspire cooks everywhere to bring their communities together for a meal—no matter what the occasion. From a simple soup dinner to a pasta pot, whether using paper plates and fingers or cloth napkins, you will find a recipe around which you can create a well-considered delicious memorable event. Community cookbooks were important as they traditionally symbolized the collective effort of its people. We want to pull our community together to make this book and to encourage people everywhere to feed each other both literally and spiritually.